What do you say? Should we
team up to become

What do you say? Should we team up to become unbreakable?

About Redberry

About Redberry

Redberry started in 2014 as a four friends’ venture to breathe digital life into the brick-to-mortar businesses in Georgia. 8 years, 300+ projects, and 100+ international awards later, we are more than 160 and represent the biggest agency in Georgia.

We also have offices in:

Groningen, Netherlands

Los Angeles, CA, US


We are a Laravel and Vue Partner software powerhouse and a Google and Facebook Partner creative growth agency, making us an ideal, full-service partner for 50+ companies of all sizes in designing, building, and further developing their products. These include our partners in LA, the US, and Groningen, Netherlands

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What We Do

We understand the underlying problem that your product solves and design solutions that stick. That’s because we create products for the people, by the people.

You have to be swift in responding to the ever-changing business requirements, and your tech team needs to enable that by shipping product updates quickly and regularly. That’s why our teams deploy lean and agile development techniques to maintain high development velocity, scalability, and flexibility of the codebase long-term.

Once we have the product with the signs of product-market fit, we make sure we reach the right audience, with compelling value propositions embedded in attention-grabbing content, in the proper channels, and at the perfect time. That’s where our creative growth team takes the wheel.

Engagement Models

Here are a few ways in which we collaborate with our current clients. Each model includes a different type of involvement on both sides, and we share responsibilities accordingly.
See if you find one that suits your needs. If not, let’s talk about alternatives.

We fill the missing competencies in your team and provide additional profiles to enhance your team. They seamlessly integrate with your team and workflow.

Mid – Long


Time & Material

We give you the dream agile product team that would cost you a lot of time and frustration to assemble. We work with SCRUM, and you take the responsibilities of a product owner.

Mid – Long


Time & Material

We set the project’s goals, deadlines, and budget with you and take full charge of its execution with your supervision. We assemble an expert team and collaborate with you on a fixed-scope/fixed-price model with precise deliverables.

Short – Mid



Scale Your Team On Demand

Take on new projects without a single worry about staffing them. We have a significant capacity and an even bigger network of experienced professionals fluent in English.

Same quality, bigger margins

We harbor some of the region’s top talent at a fraction of your local rates. That means you can increase your projects’ margins without forgoing quality.

Let’s talk, shall we?

For starters, we love meeting like-minded people. But we love collaborating with them even more. Introduce yourself, and let’s see how we can make cool things happen.

Energy Service Center

Management tool for solar panel installation businesses. We re-designed and developed software that enables companies in the solar panel business to automate all of their business and...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    Design Audit, UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, DevOps

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    React, Laravel, Github Actions, AWS, Figma, Github, Jira, Ant Design System

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon, where players play, win & earn. In the dystopian future the remnants of humanity, still divided...
  • We are responsible for

    Solution Architecture, Smart Contracts Development, Web Development, Integration of Website with Blockchain and Crypto Wallets

  • Tech stack and tools

    Solidity, React, Moralis, Ganache, Polygon, Truffle, Node.js, Typescript, Metamask, MongoDB

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Defi City

DeFi City is a browser-based virtual world that gamifies and simplifies DeFi yield farming by allowing everyone to visualize and manage their farms and track key...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    Solution architecture; Smart Contract Development (BSC - Solidity); Integration With Blockchain (BSC - Web3.js), Frontend Development; Backend Development; Integration of Web Platform With Metamask

  • Tech stack & Tools:

    Javascript, Node.js, Solidity, Web3.js, Java, Unity, Github Actions, AWS, Github, Swagger, Jira

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