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Add Experienced Remote Developers and Designers to Your Product Team

From a digital agency running its own Startup Studio in Tbilisi, Georgia

100+ web and mobile applications. Dozens of awards. 8 years of devising, designing, and building digital products. Government agencies, international enterprise companies, tech startups. We do it all, and we do it exceptionally well. That’s what makes us a secret weapon of EU and US-based startups as a remote team provider.


We are a Laravel and Vue Partner software powerhouse and a Google and Facebook Partner creative growth agency, making us an ideal, full-service partner for 50+ companies of all sizes in designing, building, and further developing their products. These include our partners in LA, the US, and Groningen, Netherlands


In 2019 Redberry raised $3.2mln from an LSE-listed investment company, Georgia Capital, to establish Georgia’s first Startup Studio. We help early-stage startup founders in Georgia with funding, staffing, and scaling their startups.

After building a dozen MVPs and developing them further, we now master two essential abilities: low initial time-to-market and maintaining high development velocity as the product grows.

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We are the biggest digital agency from an eastern European country of rapidly growing tech talent
and almost no taxes for software outsourcing

We also have offices in: Los Angeles, CA, US Groningen, Netherlands

We also have offices in:

 Los Angeles, CA, US
Groningen, Netherlands

Get a Longer Runway

IT outsourcing is almost tax-free in Georgia, so you get an experienced remote product team at a fraction of the cost you would have locally. Save that time and headspace for finding product-market-fit and growing your business.

Scale Your Team Quickly

Almost all startups we work with struggled with product team scaling. Enter Redberry. Georgia has been transforming into a tech hub for several years now and harbors a vast stellar talent. Luckily, we have direct access to all of its top talent, making us an ideal partner for enhancing your product development capacity on-demand.


Design And Build Your MVP

Still in the ideation process? Our team will work with you to research users’ biggest pain points, design a corresponding minimum lovable product, build it and test it with users.

If you already know what you have to build, we are all the right hands you need to design and develop it.

Either way, we aim for the shortest time to value for your users to see the first version of your product.

Extend Your Team

It takes us 4 weeks max. to provide you with highly experienced developers and designers who seamlessly integrate with your team and workflow.

We guarantee a perfect match in technical needs and fluency in English.

Get A Dedicated Agile Team

We assemble a dedicated team to build your project. Usually, our dedicated teams consist of 5-10 developers, designers, QAs, a scrum master, and optionally a product owner.

We work in an agile manner and iterate the product with you. So we regularly build and roll out new features to your users.

Most importantly, our teams work on a high development velocity and create a scalable, well-documented codebase.

Here’s How We Would Work
With You

Wherever you are in the development cycle, we can help you do it better. If you have just started, we are here to get you to your MVP.

If you are scaling up, we can become your long-term product design and development partner.

Our work can only begin once we have a deep and clear understanding of the pressing problem that your product solves for your users. To get us there, we will conduct several interviews and extensive inception workshops.

Once the problem is clear, we continue with sketching workshops with you. Based on these, our designers will create wireframes and a UX prototype. Together with you, we will test the prototype with users.
After the testing, our team will create a component-based design system and craft your product's UI. We will do some more user testing with the UI prototype and get ready for the handoff.

Launch fast, iterate quickly and release often is what we live by.

We work with SCRUM, where you serve as a product owner, and we, as a remote agile team, launching updates for your users after each sprint. Our dev team makes sure that your product is scalable and maintains a high development velocity.


Shoot us an email and get an estimate for staff augmentation, dedicated agile product team, or designing and building MVP

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Helping your startup grow is our day job, sometimes crawling into the nights and weekends. We remain business-minded all the time and are 100% oriented toward delivering solutions that drive results.

That mindset has made us a valuable partner not only for startups but for industry leaders in finance, insurance, real estate, auto, education, healthcare, and others.

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We strive for high development velocity despite ever-changing product requirements through lean and agile development techniques, setting up and maintaining adequate test coverage of the codebase and setting up CI/CD pipelines

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Add Experienced Remote Designers and Developers To Your Team And Get A Longer Runway

Or, Connect With Us Through Chat

Defi City

DeFi City is a browser-based virtual world that gamifies and simplifies DeFi yield farming by allowing everyone to visualize and manage their farms and track key...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    Solution architecture; Smart Contract Development (BSC - Solidity); Integration With Blockchain (BSC - Web3.js), Frontend Development; Backend Development; Integration of Web Platform With Metamask

  • Tech stack & Tools:

    Javascript, Node.js, Solidity, Web3.js, Java, Unity, Github Actions, AWS, Github, Swagger, Jira

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Airbnb for electric vehicle chargers connecting drivers with the charger operator companies. We designed and developed IOS & Android apps consumers use to charge their cars...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Mobile App development, Web Dashboard Development, Charger Hardware Middleware Development, Backend Development, Devops.

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    Laravel, Laravel Nova, React Native, Redux, Typescript, JWT Auth, Detox, Jest, Github Actions, Firebase, Georgian Card Payment Processing, Sentry, Github, Swagger, AWS, JIRA, FIGMA.

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In collaboration with Aldagi, we created the first digital car dealership in Georgia which offers second-hand cars with a 1-year warranty, 150+ point condition report, and...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, Product Design, Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design, User Testing, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Devops, Growth Strategy, SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management, CRM Implementation, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation.

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    Laravel, Nova, Vue, Github, Envoyer, AWS, Integromat, Jira, Figma

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Squadro is a profitability management software that helps professional services companies do projects’ financial analysis in real-time. With Squadro users can easily create and manage project...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Branding, Growth Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Devops

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    React, Redux, Typescript, JWT Auth, Node.js, GraphQL, Github, Swagger, AWS, JIRA, FIGMA

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We designed and developed a Chrome extension that transforms any website into a collaborative workspace where you can create cards, tag your teammates, turn cards into...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Chrome Extension Development, Dashboard Development, Admin Interface Development, Backend Development, Devops

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, ESLint, Laravel, Laravel Sanctum, Laravel Socialite, Digital Ocean, Github Actions, Figma, Jira, Swagger

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A live online courses marketplace that connects leading practitioners with students willing to enter new professions. We designed a course builder for the lecturers to easily create...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Branding, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Devops

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    Laravel, Laravel Backpack, Laravel Forge, Vue, Vuex, Tailwind, Github Actions, Twilio Programmable Video, Github, AWS, Jira, Figma

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