Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon, where players play, win & earn. In the dystopian future the remnants of humanity, still divided...
  • We are responsible for

    Solution Architecture, Smart Contracts Development, Web Development, Integration of Website with Blockchain and Crypto Wallets

  • Tech stack and tools

    Solidity, React, Moralis, Ganache, Polygon, Truffle, Node.js, Typescript, Metamask, MongoDB

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We designed and developed a Chrome extension that transforms any website into a collaborative workspace where you can create cards, tag your teammates, turn cards into...
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Chrome Extension Development, Dashboard Development, Admin Interface Development, Backend Development, Devops

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, ESLint, Laravel, Laravel Sanctum, Laravel Socialite, Digital Ocean, Github Actions, Figma, Jira, Swagger

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