Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

In Georgia, 1 in 7 women falls victim to domestic violence. However, only a tiny percentage ever report the abuse. A significant portion of that statistic is due to the fact that it’s culturally inappropriate to publicly speak about family issues or to get involved in domestic abuse. That belief has allowed too many people to turn a blind eye to the numerous acts of domestic violence around them.
We decided to show the people that indifference makes you equally complicit. Ignorance can sometimes be a more decisive action than inaction.

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We are responsible for:

UX Design, UI Design, Website Development, AI Integration, DevOps

Creative Campaign Concept, Planning, and Execution, TV Production

Photo-shooting, Graphic Design Work


Stop ignorance of domestic violence. As simple and yet highly challenging as it is.


To highlight how inaction correlates with domestic violence, we created an AI-powered website. We used the most widespread symbol of ignoring the problem: the act of closing your EYES.


  • Bronze, Category: Media
  • Bronze: H-I Single Channel Campaigns
  • Bronze: I-3 Use of Digital, Mobile and Social Platforms
  • Bronze: K-25-3 Social and Charity | Digital and Mobile
  • Silver: G-5 Social Advertising and Charity
  • Silver: E-4 Use of Digital, Mobile, and Social Platforms

Tech Stack


An AI-powered website responding to the act of closing your eyes, highlighting the significant correlation between the rising numbers of domestic violence and inaction in their response.

  • Our Engagement Involved:

    UX Design, UI Design, Website Development, AI Integration, Devops, Creative Campaign Concept Planning and Execution, TV Production, Photo-shooting, Graphic Design Work

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    React, Laravel, MySQL, Python, AWS

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