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Georgia is best known for its hospitality, and many Georgians pride themselves on their guest-honoring tradition. The lockdown and the lack of foreign visitors were unique, and quite frankly, a frustrating experience for many Georgians.

Georgian Post decided to give the locals a chance to send their little piece of Georgia to foreigners interested in visiting the country – by post.

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UX Design, UI Design, Website Development, DevOps, Print Campaign Planning and Execution, TV Production, Photo-shooting, Graphic Design Work


Due to the pandemic, most of the tourists had their plans canceled. On the receiving end, many locals were left without their guests and a primary source of income. Most importantly, locals could no longer welcome their treasured guests, who they love to host and their culture with. Georgian Post decided to help.


We designed and developed a digital platform that allowed foreigners interested in Georgian culture to upload video requests for a bit of gift representing Georgia. The same platform also hosted locals who watched these videos and sent gifts to their virtual guests. 

Upload video request

To help the locals choose their gifts well, foreigners uploaded short video introductions about themselves and wrote a bit about what interested them about Georgia, why they wanted to visit, what they wanted to see, etc. Be it Georgian wine or Sulguni. These short messages and videos created a visible feed for the locals to choose recipients they could give the best gifts to.

Send your gift

Once the locals identified the recipient they wished to send their gift for, they prepared the present and registered as a sender. The platform and the Post gave locals options to either deliver the gift directly to the post office or to have it picked up from their home. 

Virtual cards

In addition to the physical gifts that locals sent to foreigners, they could send virtual cards that contained posters created by our designers. Each poster combined bits and pieces of fundamental elements of the Georgian culture, such as the cover of The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, the most famous medieval epic poem, Golden Fleece which, according to the legend, was found in Colchis, Georgia, etc. 


  • 3X Silver – Strategy/ Print/ Digital Platform
  • 4X Bronze – Digital and Social/ Digital Campaign/ Brand Loyalty/ Brand Experience
  • Silver: Art Direction 

Tech Stack




A unique platform for Georgian Post, allowing the Georgian people to connect with international guests and potential visitors to share their little pieces of Georgia and national pride.

  • Our Engagement Involved:

    UX Design, UI Design, Frontend Development, Backend Development, DevOps, Print Campaign Planning and Execution, Video Production, Photo-Shooting, Graphic Design Work

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, AWS, Redis

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