A one-stop solution for managing professional service firms and analyzing projects’ profitability

We are responsible for



20 months – ongoing


Dedicated agile team


5 people

A one-stop solution for managing professional service firms and analyzing projects’ profitability

We are responsible for


Professional services firms need to understand their projects’ performance. However, existing productivity and management tools aren’t tailored around project-based revenue models. Squadro offers an all-in-one solution to manage and analyze projects and their profitability. 


Squadro enables project managers and C-level executives to budget their projects, effortlessly fill out timesheets, and easily access projects’ utilization and profitability rates. Overall, the stakeholders get to have a clear view of the company’s financial health.

Project Budget Form

Upon registration, users can create project budgets in less than 15 mins with a highly intuitive and simplified information flow and interface.


Timesheets are most employees’ most hated part of their job. Squadro simplifies that process and allows a project manager to quickly log in everyone’s timesheets in less than 5 mins.

Company Dashboard

Company dashboards offer both a birds-eye and in-depth look at the company’s financial health. Users can look at projects individually, see where employee utilization can be optimized and which aspects of each project were profitable. 

Involvement & Process

We conducted 1-on-1 interviews sessions with students and lecturers that had the experience of taking or giving courses on Georgian and international platforms to better understand the pain points both of these users were facing.
Based on the findings, we workshopped the format of the platform, as well as the business model, and created specific user personas for both types of users.

For each digital product element, we held sketching workshops. These workshops highlighted some patterns that had to be included in the final designs. After the workshops, our designers started wireframing and created a prototype in Figma. We tested the prototype with our potential users, got feedback, and iterated over UX design.
Once the UX was confirmed, our team created the design system for the interface and designed the UI. After deriving at value props and copies, we completed the UI with written narratives and once again tested on our potential users. Iterations ensued.

Our team was responsible for naming the product and creating a brand platform, as well as a visual identity for it. Once Tweak was confirmed as the name of the platform, the brand platform and visual identity followed in the dynamic, colorful, and modern spirit of the word which constantly tried to improve, refine and tweak itself.

Our team set up CI/CD pipelines with Github Actions. We had separate environments for development, staging and production. Infrastructure is in cloud and is based on AWS.

Tech Stack





Squadro is a profitability management software that helps professional services companies do projects’ financial analysis in real-time. With Squadro users can easily create and manage project budgets, fill in overly simplified timesheets to capture project’s progress, access simple yet insightful dashboards to get full oversight about the company in the matter of seconds, and see in depth analytics of the project’s financial performance.
  • Our Engagement Involved:

    User Research, UX Design, UI Design, User Testing, Branding, Growth Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Devops

  • Tech Stack & Tools:

    React, Redux, Typescript, JWT Auth, Node.js, GraphQL, Github, Swagger, AWS, JIRA, FIGMA