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We are a 100+ award-winning Swiss-Army-Knife digital agency you couldn't afford locallyWe are based in Georgia, so you can.

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we do it all, and we do it thoroughly.
From user research to product design to development and growth marketing, we take your product from zero to hero with a deep know-how of the product life-cycle.


with 100+ international awards


B2B SaaS Platform


SaaS Platform



Energy Service Center

Solar Panel Installation Management Software

Our Wall of Fame

Actions speak louder than words. And you know what’s louder than that? Our showreel – featuring

artisan 3D sorcery by our insane team. So enjoy the ride!

Plus, some exciting international awards we’ve amassed for our work.

we've worked with

We go all-in on every project we take on because our business is our client’s business. And that is why current and future industry leaders trust us with theirs.

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Masters of quite a few

Over the years, we have deployed most of the popular technologies to design and develop cutting-edge products and drive their growth with the appropriate marketing stack. Ultimately, we carefully handpicked a few and attained their true mastery.

Here are some of the technologies on the roster of our in-depth know-how.

Redberry team

About Redberry

Redberry started in 2014 as a four-friend venture to breathe digital life into Georgia's brick-to-mortar businesses. Ten years, 300+ projects, and 100+ international awards later, we are more than 200 and represent the biggest agency in Georgia.

We are from

Tbilisi, Georgia

The country, not the state

We are conveniently located in Georgia, a post-Soviet country where tech talent is blooming at lightning speed, rates are lower, and IT outsourcing is basically tax-free.
In that sweet spot, we happen to be the biggest software house and a digital agency with invaluable experience of running our own startup studio.

  • 0% VAT
  • 0% Corporate Income Tax
  • 5% Personal Income Tax

IT outsourcing is basically tax-free

Mother of Kartvel or

Mother of Georgia

Mother of Kartvel

Engagement Models

Here are a few ways in which we collaborate with our current clients. Each model includes a different type of involvement on both sides, and we share responsibilities accordingly.

See if you find one that suits your needs. If not, let’s talk about alternatives.


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